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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fashion Capitals

If you've got a passion for fashion, express yourself with a tee that states the fashion capitals of the world. Im glad I finally found one like this. Pair it as well with your quirkiest bottoms, just as long as it doesn't look too much or too loud. Just wear plain shoes that don't have very obvious accents. You don't want your outfit to make everyone dizzy. Don't wear a completely printed top with leggings like this.   This is also one way to be inspired by your favorite singers. Here I am inspired by my favorite K-Pop groups with edgy styles.  Bugis Street is the hit destination for many unique items, half the price of designer stores.

This graphic tee here is from Cotton On that was only SGD$ 10 on sale. My envelope clutch is from ALDO for only SGD$ 23.90 on the clearance rack.

These laced leggings are from Bugis Street for only SGD$ 10. 

This new chained bangle here is from ALDO Accessories for only SGD$ 7.95 on sale. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Versace | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive


Versace is always well known for its incredible prints that can insanely match well from top to bottom. The side slit is back for the summer looks. The cage style boots are really eye catching and by far the best summer footwear. Its great how designers would feature edgy and minimal footwear at the same time. Its one of the best combinations ever at fashion shows. The matching caged purses are seriously adorable and difficult to find. That is one bag to consider buying when it comes to shopping for expensive bags. The slits are a lot more edgier than last years. So far the zipper at the side of the slit is the best part of the skirt. That will definitely be sold very fast and will be a great outfit for a performance along with a net top and a sleeveless blazer.

The logo used in the printed tops are a really smart idea to represent the brand in a way that it doesn't look too loud and shiny.  Crop tops with blazers are always a great idea, especially if you can't stand the heat in the summer. The tops with holes are also the best tops for the summer ever, stylish and also not so cheap.



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Mode

BOO!!!!  Halloween is next week Friday! Its time to get spooky sassy!  You don't have to be a total slut to dress for a halloween party especially if you take transportations. I will be attending the Halloween event at my school.  So I will be going as a Zombie Playboy Bunny for the scream theme and my Halloween fashion tips for the year will be how not too look slutty as a Playboy Bunny, in order for you not to attract too much attention, whether you are going to a club, school event or a house party. 
If you are going to Universal Studios for Horror Nights, just wear animal or devil horns with a matching outfit, or just wear a SuperMan or Batman logo shirt with a matching skirt and comfortable shoes.   Those can be bought at Wet Seal or H&M
You can also wear cosplay hats  with a lolita dress if  you are an anime lover. (Can be bought at Daiso)  If you are going to Disneyland, just wear a polka dot skirt or a dress with minnie mouse ears.  I did something like that at a club party two years ago.  

 As for me, Id rather be partying on a Halloween night, as much as I have a fear of haunted houses and Im easily claustrophobic.  


To shop for affordable ears, go shopping at Bugis Street or Daiso.  I bought my Playboy bunny ears for only SGD$ 8.90.  Later own, I can totally make my own laced ears, with it once it gets really old. 
You can even get laced ears at H&M which has been and on going trend, followed by the flower crowns.  The costumes cost a lot of money, so I would suggest improvising on your own clothes and wear something that is very wearable. (Look below at the Lolita dresses)  You can even make and sew your own especially if you are a fashion student.  I will just be wearing a tutu style skirt with my Forever 21 leather bustier.  I will be having zombie makeup along with some red paint representing blood. 

I know many of you girls are constantly inspired by Mean Girls and their costumes were really slutty though out the whole film. To make your Means Girls inspired outfits not so provocative, just dress in your mouse, our bunny costumes not too short (nearer to the knees) and don't make them tight from top to bottom. If you are inspired by Gretchen's sexy kitten costume, then just wear leather leggings along with a long sleeves crop top. 

Another trendy idea for your costume, can be a sugar skull from Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ,A traditional Mexican Holiday. You can just paint your face like a sugar skull and wear your flower crown. Wear a tutu dress with sleeves as a costume.   For some make up tips, search for tutorials on YOUTUBE. 

I made this bow collar below with with a bow ponytail that was only SGD$ 2, bought from DAISO. 

Have a Spooktacular night next week!,


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M

Fashion meets fitness with Alexander Wang's collection for H&M. Alexander Wang always makes great designs, collaborating with other fashion companies.  These sporty attire can pass as one of the most chic work out wear ever especially the crop tops.    A lot of leather are also used in this whole collection, especially the leather jogging pants are the best so far and can be used for traveling comfortably on a long flight.  The leather shirt dresses are also one of the best styles ever along with the above the knee length socks. Alexander Wang is also know for being incredibly edgy.  The sweatshirts and the body con dresses with the Wang labels at the side are such creative x shapes. They are not too loud and are definitely wearable everyday or even at the night club.  The lace in front belts are seriously to die for. They are a one of a kind accessory to wear with a body con or a loose fit dress.  Don't be afraid to express yourself with your edginess!  The ankle boots are also to die for as they will never go out of style.

To suit the sporty theme, it was really creative to make the models walk in hockey masks and boxing gloves.  They even had a performance of handstands and the stage set up is also creatively structured. It is totally a must to check out this collection once they are already in store. 

This has been MONICHIC with fashion reporting!

"Your Style, Your way!"

Friday, October 17, 2014

Smells like Teen Spirit

Here we are now, entertainers! It sure smells like teen spirit in the fall season!! Nirvana is one of my favorite classic bands and we even parodied their song back in Senior year! Those were the good times and the best high school memories. Nirvana has really catchy songs that will keep you awake and maybe make their songs your alarm clock one day?  This is one of my fall outfits for a hot country and easy to change into after my Xtend Barre class (Ballet/Pilates).

This leather sleeved cardigan is from H&M that was only SGD$ 24.90. The clothes at H&M are seriously affordable even if they are not on sale. 

These boyfriend jeans are from Cotton On that I got on sale for only SGD$ 20.
These dog loafers are from Marc By Marc Jacobs that were only SGD$ 322 at a sale price. They have a wide selection of colors for the cats and dogs loafers. 

This new Nirvana crop top is from H&M that was only SGD$ 7 on sale. 

These chained earrings are from H&M that were on clearance for only SGD$ 2. These are part of the 90's kid look. 

Stay tuned for more OOTD's!,


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

School fashion tips: Stationary

 I am only on my second week of school after semester break. So I recently went pencil case hunting, trying to replace my old one. Its time to spice up to look cool for school!

If you can style yourself, why not make your stationary stylish as well? This will be great for a fashion school. You don't need to be so brand conscious about your stationary especially if they are so ordinary and expensive.  Be creative and sass up your stationary! Its okay to turn a cosmetic pouch into a pencil case. Cosmetic pouches are even trendier than actual pencil cases from book stores. they are just the same size or make one yourself, using some stiff fabrics.   If you are looking for trendy pencil cases, get a really cute one with chains and badges at Harajuku, Tokyo if you are on holiday in Japan.  You can buy affordable make up cases at Forever 21, Claire's, ICING or ALDO. 

 Just like the cosmetic pouch above with cat ears is from ALDO on clearance sale for only SGD$ 9.90.  As a fashion conscious person, this really caught so much attention from me.    

With the notebooks, Typo has the best deals, you can get two for SGD$ 10 for the large ones or three small ones for SGD$ 10.   (The ones below for example) As much as I love Clueless, Disney and fashion, I decided to get those two at a 2 for SGD$ 10 as I only have two subjects a week for each term.   They also have the coolest pens there as well, especially the lipstick ones that are 3 for SGD$ 5. They were also selling  puffy ones that say Clueless, almost like the one Cher always uses for school and I will never forget the expression, "As If" 

Typo is my most favorite stationary store ever and they even sell other quirky items, like eye masks, phone cases and pillows.  

Quirky and glamourous pens are so fun to write with.You can even get them at Claire's or Icing by Claire's.  

Cosmetic pouch that can be a pencil case. (c)

This is super school cool! (c)

Bought from Typo

Style up and smart up!,